Claim Submission Portal for Unitech Buyers

This website has been created for amicus curiae, Mr. Pawanshree Agrawal, (Advocate on Record) to enable Unitech buyers to exercise their option (of refund or possession) pursuant to Hon'ble Supreme Court Order dated 23.10.2017. Supreme Court Order dated 29.1.2018 PUBLIC NOTICE INVITING OBJECTION OF UNITECH PROPERTIES
Next date : 21.8.2018https://www.sci.nic.in/supremecourt/2016/37583/37583_2016_Order_27-Jul-2018.pdf Portal is closed on Midnight of 24.7.2018.


This is a tentative list of homebuyers who have orders from any Court/Forum/Tribunal/Authority. The names and the amounts indicated herein against the names are subject to further reconciliation resulting into addition or deletion.

If any homebuyer who has registered on the web portal and has an order from any Court/Forum/Tribunal/Authority doesn’t find his/her name included in the list may kindly email us at amicusunitech at gmail.com with subject: “name not on list” and should attach his/her decree in the same mail with details as indicated below:
Name of the buyer
Customer Code
If there is any objection as to the amount indicated against their own name, kindly email us at the abovementioned email id with subject “amount reconciliation” and attach ledger in the same mail with details as indicated below:
Name of the buyer
Customer Code
Or call us at 01140451721 between 10 am to 5 pm
All clarifications/reconciliations will be considered if placed on or before 21.08.2018.


Note: Pursuant to Supreme Court order dated 21.09.2017, buyers who have already taken possession of their Flat / Villa / Plot from Unitech should not register on this website.

Process of Registration of Claim (for refund or possession)

The following points should be noted and acted upon before using this website to register a claim:

  • Indian Buyers are required to upload an Affidavit Attested by a Notary ( Stamp paper Not Required) stating therein whether they want “Refund” or “Possession”, also mentioning requisite details of Flat / Villa / Plot allotted, project name and amount paid. Any person making an Affidavit on the basis of Power of Attorney (POA) needs to upload the same along with the Affidavit.
  • Scanned copy of Letter of Allotment (one page only) and if the Flat / Villa / Plot is further resold, also a scanned copy of the "Resale Endorsement" page.
  • Scaned a copy of the buyer's Photo ID (any one of the following: Aadhar Card, PAN Card or Passport).

In case of joint ownership, one owner can file the Affidavit on behalf of the other.

Any buyer who has reached a settlement or entered into a MOU with Unitech shall mention the same in the remarks column of the registration form.

If you need assistance, you may WhatsApp (message) +91 9818633606 on weekdays after 5 PM only. This is not the mobile number of the amicus curiae

Note: Buyers should retain the original Affidavit and documents uploaded here, for future verification if the need so arises.

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After you have readied a scanned copy of the documents listed above, click on the "Register" button to submit your claim.

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After you have registered your claim, you can login to review the information that you have submitted as part of the claim. __There is No Verification Mail sent, the Validation of Accounts would be done by the Admin of this Portal.