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Claim Submission Portal for Unitech Buyers List of Advocates#For Arguments

This website has been created for amicus curiae, Mr. Pawanshree Agrawal, (Advocate on Record) to enable Unitech buyers to exercise their option (of refund or possession) pursuant to Hon'ble Supreme Court Order dated 23.10.2017.
Order Dt 18.03.2021
Order Dt 23.3.2021
Order Dt 24.3.2021 Order Dt 31.7.2020 Order dt 14.8.20


Status Reports & MOM
Next Date of Hearing 6 May 21 __ PORTAL WAS CLOSED FOR REGISTRATION ON 20 DEC 2019


. Capella Buyers List__This is a list of allottees in project "Capella" who have Not responded to email of Amicus..

In furtherance of order dated 10.01.2020 of the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India in the matter of Uniworld City- Uni Homes Plots Sector MU, Plots Buyers Association (R) & Anr. V. The State Of Uttar Pradesh & Ors. SLP (C) 13608/2017, the allottees mentioned in the list are hereby requested to inform the Amicus Curiae by 05.02.2020 as to whether they have preferred any case against Unitech Ltd. as regards their property in project Capella, and the outcome of the same, if any. Kindly send the details in the undermentioned format to amicusunitech at gmail.com:
Subject: Capella-Case Details
1. Your name
2. Customer Code
3. Case Preferred: Yes/No ( If yes, kindly provide details of the case: Case number, forum, and attach the last order of the same)

Note: Refund of Homebuyers is Currently on hold whose units are being constructed under the guidance of Justice Dhingra Committee. The lists of those units which are under construction is attached Construction List # Justice Dhingra Committee & Phase 1 Construction # Justice Dhingra Committee

Process of Registration of Claim (for refund or possession)

The following points should be noted and acted upon before using this website to register a claim:

  • Indian Buyers are required to upload an Affidavit Attested by a Notary ( Stamp paper Not Required) stating therein whether they want “Refund” or “Possession”, also mentioning requisite details of Flat / Villa / Plot allotted, project name and amount paid. Any person making an Affidavit on the basis of Power of Attorney (POA) needs to upload the same along with the Affidavit.
  • Scanned copy of Letter of Allotment (one page only) and if the Flat / Villa / Plot is further resold, also a scanned copy of the "Resale Endorsement" page.
  • Scaned a copy of the buyer's Photo ID (any one of the following: Aadhar Card, PAN Card or Passport).

In case of joint ownership, one owner can file the Affidavit on behalf of the other.

Any buyer who has reached a settlement or entered into a MOU with Unitech shall mention the same in the remarks column of the registration form.

If you need assistance, you may WhatsApp (message) +91 9818633606 on weekdays between 6 -7 PM only. This is Not the mobile number of the amicus curiae

Note: Buyers should retain the original Affidavit and documents uploaded here, for future verification if the need so arises.

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